Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Freeze or Not to Freeze?

So this week was hard, and it showed at the scales. While DD stayed the same, I actually gained a pound. UGH! But, all in all, I'm not worried about it....I'm just happy be feeling better and looking forward to the upcoming week. Todays morning drink had fabulous cherries, banana, papaya, grapes, raspberries, blackberries and pineapple in it. Really delicious. But here's the freeze or not to freeze?  
My thoughts are, for us, it's okay to freeze items and use it, both as a time saver, money saver and its being frozen and used within a week. And while it is better to eat the fruit right away...we are still getting much of the benefits we want even though we are using the freshly frozen fruit. For example, I love pineapple, but we never eat a whole pineapple before it starts to go bad. So instead of throwing money down the drain, I have been cutting the pineapple and then will freeze what I don't use right then. I can then take a chunk or two out each day and throw the frozen piece of pineapple in to the blender. I also freeze cantalope or melons. For the most part everything else we blend is fresh.
So, be creative, try new things, and have fun while eating healthier. For dinner last night, DD made some grilled pineapple, which was just delicious. Our local whole foods clerk suggested we try juicing 2-3 cups spinach, some fresh mint, with a pineapple. Sounds interesting. sounds disgusting but the funny thing is that juicing wierd combination of foods actually tastes better then eating those same food combos raw. I would never eat a beet, carrot, cucumber, lemon, chard salad but as a drink it works.
Tip of the day: Invest in some sharp knives. Cutting pineapple, acorn squash and melons, etc. is so much easier with a good knife. Doesn't have to be an expensive knife, just sharp. We bought a $30 set of 5 or 6 knives at Costco and they work awesome, making the cutting of the fresh fruits and vegetables so much easier. Enjoy your day. A

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