Thursday, October 6, 2011


It stinks when you don't feel good...and I have not felt good the last couple days, fever, chills, headache, just Blah. That being said, we still have done pretty good, eating a smoothie for breakfast, a salad and a veggie burger for lunch and then dinner is the hardest part of the day for us already, and when you have a's hard not just to run to McDonalds. Instead we have had vegetarian whole wheat burritos. Yay for us...untl today's lunch...DD did okay with an avocado turkey burger but I ordered a chicken burrito and it was a monster burrito! Now, I feel like we need to drink a vegetable juice for dinner but really, if DD goes to a drive thru I won't put up a fight, as I'll probably be laying on the couch.
The bad thing about fast food is that once you eat the fast food, then you want more fast food or junk food. We also drank soda as it came with our meals (we have cut out soda from our daily lives), so whether its being sick, or the soda or the fast food or some combination of all the above, I'm so craving junk food today.  I want oreos, and ice cream, and pizza. Though, I will say our breakfast drink was delicious...instead of strawberries I put in loads of cherries. I added more papaya to help my immune system, and then also added a lot of blackberries to the 1 kiwi, 1 tomato, 1 apple, 1 banana, blue berries, raspberries, flaxseed oil, coconut water, water and a splash of diet V8 splash. AG

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