Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We use the probiotics from Sherry Brescia at . We looked at many probiotics and decided we like hers the best. With hers you need to keep it refrigerated, it's even shipped cold, so the probiotics stay alive. That doesn't mean others don't work, we actually used the Align probiotics for awhile and did notice some benefits from it also. The probiotics itself intoduce living organisms in to the body which help to create a beneficial healthier inside. Many of the foods and medicines that a person takes can disrupt the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria within the digestion sysytem and we have found that we just feel better just by adding the probiotics to our lifestyle. There are things you can eat that have these good bacterias but honestly, we can't imagine eating these things very often. You may like these foods but we don't, so the probiotics in capsules is what we choose. Many people eat yogurt as a good source of probiotics, but you have to make sure they are "live" bacteria in the yogurt and your body may require much more then can be provided by just eating one yogurt. Here are the top probiotic foods: Yogurt, Kimchi, Japanese Natto, Miso, Dark Chocolate, Micro-algae, Tempeh, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Pickles or other fermented vegetables, Kombucha Tea, Sourdough bread, and some cheeses. What's your favorite way to get Probiotics? -A

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